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Daimler plans more than ten different all-electric vehicles by 2022

Past years have seen an explosion in the number and type of electric vehicles being produced, and this only stands to accelerate as technologies mature, charging networks come online, and economies of scale in production are realized. One sign of this major shift is the moves that legacy automakers and taking within their ... More

11 Money-Saving Remodeling Strategies from a Hollywood House Flipper

Interested in remodeling your house but not excited about the prospect of shelling out a ton of money to do so? We spoke with one of Hollywood's top celebrity remodeling experts for some suggestions on how to redo your home on a budget. Key takeaways include scouring flea markets for the best selections, repurposing pipes as ... More

10 Easy Pieces: Problem-Solving Electrical Outlets/Covers

When building out your dream home, every little detail matters, right down to the fixtures. And electrical outlets, the omnipresent staple that are all throughout our home to keep us constantly plugged in, are no exception. Today's manufacturers offer a wider variety of electrical outlets and covers than ever before. From ... More

ERCO at Light+Building 2018: lighting solutions in application with sustainable trade show architecture

Light is one of the fundamental elements of any building design, and lighting designers are getting their time in the sun at today's building and construction expositions. A prime example is Erco, which set up an impressive display at this year's Light+Building trade show. In their stand, they showcased solutions offering ... More

7 Tips To Keep Your Electric Bill Off The Naughty List

The holidays are a bad time for your electric bill. While the added electric just from longer nights are one thing, the extra items in your house add to. Start off with changing your ornaments and lights. Using LED will decrease your bill by using less energy and even putting out less heat. Use this even in your light ... More