Just Moved? Here’s How to Incorporate Existing Furniture Into a New Space

While moving into a new space may make a full design overhaul feel tempting, as a practical matter, you may need to integrate some of your previous space’s furniture into the new space. Start by taking stock of your furniture and the spaces, including measurements that you can use to determine if various items will fit in different ... More

When Should My AC System Be Replaced?

One unspoken rule of life is that nothing is made to last any longer. No company, anywhere, ever, takes pride in making a quality product, which leaves the consumer to worry about when they should be replacing working items before they fail entirely. Therefore, lets recap when your air conditioning system should be replaced according to the ... More

5 Reasons You Should Be Using GFCI Outlets In Your Home

Ground-fault circuit interrupters, also known as GFCI outlets, are an easy way to protect your family from electrocution at home. GFCI outlets prevent shocks by interrupting the flow of electricity when a significant change in the frequency of the electrical current is detected. GFCI outlets also reduce the risk of fire. In addition to being ... More

Static Electricity and How It Affects Business Electronics and Data

A game we all played as kids was to take a balloon, rubbing it on one’s sweater and blowing it so that it would stand on end. That was kids playing with static electricity. It was fun then and it still is fun now. But there could be bad consequences if one plays with static electricity the wrong way. One potentially dangerous situation ... More

New Research of Semiconductor Homostructures can Lead to LED Technology Breakthrough

Modern LEDs and lasers have an effect that underlies them and that effect is superinjection. Previously, it was believed that superinjection was only applicable to LEDs and lasers until now. Researchers doing research on homostructures in the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology have observed these effect on homostructures. That is ... More

Safety Tips For Working With Electrical Equipment

Many persons consider themselves DIYers, but when fixing electrical equipment, it is not always wise for DIYers to do it on their own. This is because with electrical equipment, the margin of error is great and the consequences when an error occurs are high. This article has proffered some safety tips for DIYers who want to work with ... More

Research Shows How Street Lights and Trees Influence Activity of Urban Bats

Research has been conducted to see how street lamps are effecting nocturnal animals such as urban bats. The research looked at both UV and non UV emitting lamps. This light pollution can have a negative effect on nocturnal animals. Bats were more active in areas with a lot of UV emitting lamps. This is thought to be because the lamps ... More

Why Incorporate Outdoor Lighting?

There are three good reasons why a homeowner should have outdoor lighting. The first reason is simple for aesthetics - the garden and yard should look amazing, day and night. The second reason is for safety. A homeowner should be able to see the way to the door, even when it's dark out. Having a lit perimeter also discourages breaking and ... More

Cost Savings of Installing a Generator During Construction of a New Home

As a builder, you can make your new homes more appealing by including a Generac Home Standby Generator in the construction process. Installing a generator in a new home while it's being built is more efficient than retrofitting one later on. The Generac Home Standby can be installed without disrupting the construction process, and the costs ... More

Basic Electrical Safety | EHS

Household electricity is very common, but also very dangerous. In fact, most standard household electricity voltages can stop a person's heart. It is important to stay safe in the home by being smart about electricity. First, it is important to educate oneself about basic electricity safety by knowing the do's and don'ts when it comes to ... More