The new technology will significantly enhance energy harvest from PV modules

Energy consumption and re-evaluation is a constantly moving and ever-changing field. With a push towards a cleaner environment coming from all angles, exploring different methods of powering technology are highly sought after. In Solar Daily’s new blog post, they focus in on what the TalTech Power Electronics Research Group has been tasked ... More

How To Find & Remove Mold From Your Air Conditioner

You may realize that your air conditioner is a perfect breeding ground for mold, but how do you take care of it? It's actually pretty simple. Probably the most important thing to remember is to have the proper protective equipment to prevent any illness from potential mold. Once you are gloved and masked up, the first step is to remove the ... More

Helpful Tips For Purchasing A Ceiling Fan

Many people don't put a lot of thought into the features of ceiling fans, but choosing the right one can help keep a room feeling less stuffy. When buying a ceiling fan, look for one that includes a light fixture if important to you, and if it has an Energy Star rating which means it can help reduce your energy bill. Perhaps most important ... More

Why Do Some Spots Of My House Feel Cool, While Others Feel Hot?

Many homes suffer from uneven temperatures. Residents often need to remove layers at times then reach for a sweater a few minutes later. A common cause of uneven temperatures is an undersized HVAC unit. Poor insulation is a common culprit and leads to drafts. The third most common cause is a poorly maintained air conditioner. Blackout ... More

Why Should I Switch To A Smart Thermostat?

Most of us don’t have the option of switching the main design flaws in our homes, such as what type of windows we have installed or the type of thermostat we use. But if you happen to be one of the lucky ones, Heather Frantz has created a short summary on why those owners should take a leap of faith into a smart thermostat. By utilizing ... More

Improving energy transfer efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cell by fine tuning of dye planarity

Some of the highlights of the research were that it was noted that when slight modifications were applied to pull and push units there were noticed remarkable differences in the performance of devices associated with them. It was also noticed that there were remarkable differences between the established dye planarity and the photovoltaic ... More

The Menu: Electrical Safety in the Kitchen

Many persons believe that the kitchen is the hub of the home and some even say that it is the lifeline. This is where family members usually sit together and have a cup of coffee, chat, have a meal together, and even play games. Yet, this center of activity can become a dangerous place and center of problems if care is not taken. It is ... More

How To Allergy-Proof Your Home

This is time for spring and spring is a time when the temperatures are on the increase and everywhere becomes warm. Spring can also be a real pain for those who are suffering from allergies. The statistics say that about 60 million Americans suffer from one form of allergy or another which are due to seasonal causes and sometimes it can be ... More

Electrical Fire Evacuation Plan

The statistics say that about more than 51,000 fires every year are caused by home electrical installations. And that accounts for more than 500 deaths, 4,100 injuries and about $1.3 billion in damages to home property. This is a major disaster and many people need to be taking the statistics very seriously. That is why many people should ... More

Helping flexible solar panels last longer

There has been collaboration between the researchers at the Holst centre and the Dupont Teijin films lab. They have coordinated to produce high performing yet cost effective roll-to-roll barrier solutions that are targeted towards the market for flexible photovoltaic cells (PVC). This solution that is ready for the factory to be produced has ... More