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Forget coal, both solar and wind are now cheaper than new natural gas plants

Wind and solar power have seen a massively substantial drop in their prices. For many years, these forms of renewable energy were seen as very expensive. As a result, people turned to natural gas plants as a way to produce energy for the world that we live in. It was not ideal but it was necessary due to the costs associated ... More

Don’t Leave Your Home Vulnerable this Holiday Season!

During the holiday season, it's normal to have to budget in a few extras, like seasonal gifts and possibly items for a holiday vacation. While many families do plan for these two large possibilities of the season, not so many consider another important potential cost, especially if the plan is to take the entire family ... More

Electricians and Their Services

An electrician may not be the most glorious job. However, being an electrician requires a lot of knowledge and talent. Not everyone is able to deal with electrical wires and the systems that come with them. It is foreign to many people and the truth of the matter is that most people do not want to learn about it. Therefore, ... More

9 Air-Cleaning Plants Your Home Needs

Having healthy air quality circulating your home's interior is essential in maintaining proper safety and well-being. Fortunately, there are many plant species that help aid in the production of clean air. For instance, the plant commonly referred to as the Rubber Plant has high oxygen levels that it emits into the air, ... More

We Asked Real Estate Agents: What Are Buyer’s Biggest Design Turn-Offs?

Preparing your home to be sold in the real estate market is always a large task to take on, but knowing what buyers are looking to avoid can help you focus on the renovations that matter. A great example of what potential buyers will typically avoid is an outdated design. Most homeowners have spent years decorating their ... More

How To Use Lighting To Make A Space Truly Beautiful: 4 Examples That Show How The Pros Do It

Choosing the correct hues and furniture styles are of course key in creating a personalized living space, but many are unaware of how beneficial the correct lighting can be. Replacing typical lighting fixtures with more advanced ones can add a much-needed modern twist to any room in the house. Adding a spotlight near your ... More

Have You Fallen for Any of These Energy Saving Myths?

There are a lot of myths that have come out in regards to energy saving. Everyone knows that the world needs energy to run. Regardless of where you are living in the world, the place that you are in needs some kind of energy. Sure, some places need less than others but that does not deny the fact that everyone needs someth... More

50 Uniquely Beautiful Wall Sconces That Also Serve As Decorative Pieces

When you are looking to decorate your walls, you must make it known that it is your wall and you are going to decorate it the way that you like to. There is no one else who should matter when you are decide what you want. These beautiful wall pieces are awesome and you have such a variety to choose from. The pieces, or ... More