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Cree Optimizes LED Technology to Improve Connected Lighting System

Cree is a leading provider in optimized LED technology, and they have now created a new and improved connected lighting system for consumers. The Product Marketing Manager, Paul Scheidt, has shared his insight as to how this system works and why it is effective. Scheidt draws on the fact that a key component as to why an ... More

French Growers Adopt Signify’s LED Lighting for Year-round Cucumber Production

As more people are starting to try to grow their own food for various reasons, the area to grow it can be hard to come by. French researchers experimented with various lighting techniques and have been able to successfully grow cucumbers using a type of bulb with LED technology made by Philips. Using a top lighting technique, ... More

5 Home Security Vulnerabilities You Didn’t Know You Had

A home security system can help protect your family and your property, if you do things properly. Having a professional install the system is crucial, as they know how to tailor installation to your home’s specific vulnerabilities. Not having a security camera watching your front door is a significant misstep, as is ... More

Tips To Stay Safe During Winter Storm Power Outages – PortageOnline.com

One of the most common emergency situations is a blizzard or winter storm. Winter storms can be accompanied by power outages that could last multiple days, and power could take even longer to restore if you live in a rural area. Prepare by compiling an emergency kit that includes food, water and personal hygiene equipment. To ... More

Should I Replace or Recondition My Electronic Devices?

If your home has recently experienced flooding or any other type of water damage, it is critical that you do not immediately enter the premises. This is due to electrical wiring potentially being active, posing a threat to anyone who comes into contact with it. It is best to hire a professional to asses the damage and give ... More

What is an Electrical Junction Box and What Does it Do?

An electrical junction box allows for the wiring in and hook up of multiple outlets and other devices on a circuit. While one should always check with local codes and follow safety regulations regarding the number of drops and what type on a circuit, generally speaking there are a few things a junction box must have. They ... More

Just How Much Does a Thermostat Impact Your Home Comfort?

Many people do not give too much thought to their thermostats and may need to learn a thing or two. Thermostats are the brain to the furnace or air conditioner. Problems with thermostats are not always malfunctions are having no conditioned air, blower fan will not start or stop running, uneven hot or cold air, or short ... More