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Research Shows How Street Lights and Trees Influence Activity of Urban Bats

Research has been conducted to see how street lamps are effecting nocturnal animals such as urban bats. The research looked at both UV and non UV emitting lamps. This light pollution can have a negative effect on nocturnal animals. Bats were more active in areas with a lot of UV emitting lamps. This is thought to be because ... More

Why Incorporate Outdoor Lighting?

There are three good reasons why a homeowner should have outdoor lighting. The first reason is simple for aesthetics - the garden and yard should look amazing, day and night. The second reason is for safety. A homeowner should be able to see the way to the door, even when it's dark out. Having a lit perimeter also discourages ... More

Cost Savings of Installing a Generator During Construction of a New Home

As a builder, you can make your new homes more appealing by including a Generac Home Standby Generator in the construction process. Installing a generator in a new home while it's being built is more efficient than retrofitting one later on. The Generac Home Standby can be installed without disrupting the construction process, ... More

Basic Electrical Safety | EHS

Household electricity is very common, but also very dangerous. In fact, most standard household electricity voltages can stop a person's heart. It is important to stay safe in the home by being smart about electricity. First, it is important to educate oneself about basic electricity safety by knowing the do's and don'ts when ... More

Why You Need A Good Air Conditioner

Some years back, air conditioners were considered a luxury. But today, an air conditioner is considered a necessity both in the home and in the office. There are many companies that provide air conditioning services these days.  Some of the benefits that a well maintained air conditioner provides in the home and office are: ... More