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When building out your dream home, every little detail matters, right down to the fixtures. And electrical outlets, the omnipresent staple that are all throughout our home to keep us constantly plugged in, are no exception. Today’s manufacturers offer a wider variety of electrical outlets and covers than ever before. From sleek, recessed outlets to covers that contain integrated storage capabilities for cords, there is a product for every homeowner’s specific needs. Search around and see what is out there before you begin your upcoming remodel, or add in a few to enhance your existing setup.

Key Takeaways:

  • Outlets don’t have to look like how they have always looked, giving you options to incorporate them into your home
  • Feel free to get creative, like a combo key hook/lightswitch combo, to make those areas more beneficial.
  • Even check out flat plates that seamlessly fit into the wall and look just like a slot

“We like the idea of the basic outlet and cover working a little harder, with dual-functionality that suits the needs of a modern home.”

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