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Improving energy transfer efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cell by fine tuning of dye planarity

Some of the highlights of the research were that it was noted that when slight modifications were applied to pull and push units there were noticed remarkable differences in the performance of devices associated with them. It was also noticed that there were remarkable differences between the established dye planarity and the ... More

The Menu: Electrical Safety in the Kitchen

Many persons believe that the kitchen is the hub of the home and some even say that it is the lifeline. This is where family members usually sit together and have a cup of coffee, chat, have a meal together, and even play games. Yet, this center of activity can become a dangerous place and center of problems if care is not ... More

How To Allergy-Proof Your Home

This is time for spring and spring is a time when the temperatures are on the increase and everywhere becomes warm. Spring can also be a real pain for those who are suffering from allergies. The statistics say that about 60 million Americans suffer from one form of allergy or another which are due to seasonal causes and ... More

Electrical Fire Evacuation Plan

The statistics say that about more than 51,000 fires every year are caused by home electrical installations. And that accounts for more than 500 deaths, 4,100 injuries and about $1.3 billion in damages to home property. This is a major disaster and many people need to be taking the statistics very seriously. That is why many ... More

Helping flexible solar panels last longer

There has been collaboration between the researchers at the Holst centre and the Dupont Teijin films lab. They have coordinated to produce high performing yet cost effective roll-to-roll barrier solutions that are targeted towards the market for flexible photovoltaic cells (PVC). This solution that is ready for the factory to ... More

Inexpensive Kitchen Upgrades That Make A World Of Difference

The kitchen is the hub of the home, but it can be expensive to upgrade things. The key to any kitchen, whether one is selling a home or just perking up the place, is the ability to be useful. Organization tools are great for using space efficiently, such as racks to hang pans that pull out for easy access. Lighting is a big ... More

Just Moved? Here’s How to Incorporate Existing Furniture Into a New Space

While moving into a new space may make a full design overhaul feel tempting, as a practical matter, you may need to integrate some of your previous space’s furniture into the new space. Start by taking stock of your furniture and the spaces, including measurements that you can use to determine if various items will fit in ... More

When Should My AC System Be Replaced?

One unspoken rule of life is that nothing is made to last any longer. No company, anywhere, ever, takes pride in making a quality product, which leaves the consumer to worry about when they should be replacing working items before they fail entirely. Therefore, lets recap when your air conditioning system should be replaced ... More

5 Reasons You Should Be Using GFCI Outlets In Your Home

Ground-fault circuit interrupters, also known as GFCI outlets, are an easy way to protect your family from electrocution at home. GFCI outlets prevent shocks by interrupting the flow of electricity when a significant change in the frequency of the electrical current is detected. GFCI outlets also reduce the risk of fire. In ... More

Static Electricity and How It Affects Business Electronics and Data

A game we all played as kids was to take a balloon, rubbing it on one’s sweater and blowing it so that it would stand on end. That was kids playing with static electricity. It was fun then and it still is fun now. But there could be bad consequences if one plays with static electricity the wrong way. One potentially ... More