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Christmas Electrical Safety |

As Christmas draws close, many people are putting up electric decorations. There are ways to stay safe when doing so! If using a real Christmas tree, make sure it stays wet - dry trees are very flammable. And, do not leave lights on a tree unattended, while on. For outdoor lights, have adequate electrical outlets, and make sure they're ... More


The Top 10 Reasons to Call an Electrician

Electrical wiring and safety is a serious matter, and it's often better to have a professional electrician rewire your house safely, than take risks. Certified Electricians are knowledgeable with current coding, and can ensure the technical details are taken care of. If you have multiple cords jammed into a single outlet, loose cords or ... More

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5 electrical safety tips you should know for your home

Electricity has improved our quality of living, but that improvement comes with safety risks. Between 2007-2011, over 47,000 house fires were attributed to electrical malfunctions. The following five tips will help keep your home safe from electrical fires. If you notice a power cord is damaged, immediately either replace it or repair it. ... More

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Safety Tips For The Kitchen This Holiday Season

If you plan on cooking this holiday season, you need to know these home cooking safety tips to keep you and your family safe. Always make sure to keep flammable items away from heat, this way a fire is not started within your home. If you aren't using an appliance, unplug it. This not only is safer but it will save you money on your ... More

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Benefits of Having a Home Backup Generator | Generator Benefits

Having a home generator can be very beneficial in times of need. For example, a backup generator can power a house for days after a blackout. These generators act as an insurance policy and gives comfort to homeowners that have them installed. The benefits of having a propane/natural gas generator is that they are affordable and they don't ... More

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Electrical Safety at Home Checklist |

An overwhelming amount of fires in homes, and millions of dollars in damage have been caused by electrical problems. Failed wiring, and faulty appliance installation fires accounts for over a billion dollars in property damage annually in the U.S. alone. By taking certain steps and being proactive, families and homes can be safer from the ... More


Why Go Solar? The Top 10 Reasons | EnergySage

Helping the environment and lowering your energy costs are two main reasons people transition to solar power for their home or business. In addition to lowering or eliminating your monthly electric bill, this savings translates to an approximate 20 percent ROI for the life of your panels. While utility prices soar year over year, your cost ... More

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What to Do When Your House Floods

After your house floods, the first 24 to 48 hours are highly important. Your priority should be to avoid taking risks and to protect your health from contaminated water. Document the damage with photos or video, then contact your insurance company. Ask the company about removing water. They may send out specialists, or you may have to rent ... More

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Electrical Safety Tips to Protect Your Home

Did you know that approximately 31,000 residential fires each year are a result of electrical mishaps? This is why participating in proper fire safety is essential in the safety of you and your loved ones. Whether you live in a single family home, an apartment, or a trailer, you want to be sure that you are using the correct wattage for all ... More

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Solar Energy For Your House – Three Options

There are multiple options for choosing solar energy as the main power source for your home. Whether you are experienced and willing to do the legwork, want to contribute to your community, or can only financially aid green energy, there is an option for you. Solar panels can be installed on your home, but may require more initial work and ... More