Lightning Storm Safety

Lightning involves an electrical discharge which resolves an imbalance between the charges of the clouds and the ground. You’re always safest from lightning inside a fully-enclosed building of reasonably substantial size, since the plumbing and electrical systems of the building will redistribute the energy from any lightning strike away ... More

Lightning Protection Devices

Proper storm protection can allow you to prevent a lot of property damage, and even physical injury. During a lightning storm, try to avoid contact with plumbing and electrical systems and water, and be cognizant of where there might be flammable building materials used in the structure. Air terminals can attract and redirect lightning ... More

“Do I Really Need a Whole-House Generator?”

Whole-house generators are becoming an important part of keeping families safe and comfortable. It allows for piece of mind in rolling blackouts and planned blackouts. In order to plan for a generator system you will need to consider a few items. Firstly, make a list of the most critical appliances in your home that you would need to ... More

What is a Ground Wire, and Why Is It Important?

No matter where you go, if you’re looking to dig into your yard you’ve heard the phrase “ground wire”, but do you really know of and understand the details surrounding this term? This article outlines exactly what a ground wire is, how they affect your home, how they affect the earth and potential outcomes for ignoring the proper ... More

When Should You Schedule an Electrical Inspection?

Random electrical surges got you down? Did a big storm just blow through your neighborhood? Maybe you are finally ready to sell that home of yours! If you have concerns or questions over the sate of your electrical set up, this article will outline the instances in which you should definitely call a professional. These repairs can be ... More

A Brief Discussion on Electrical Safety

Electrical work is dangerous and should only be performed by experienced, licensed professionals using screened, undamaged tools. Electrical tools and devices should be stored in warm environments, away from any moisture when not in use. Injuries associated with electrical work can be caused by improper wiring and faulty maintenance; by ... More

Study Finds the Storage of Solar Power Increases Consumption and Emissions

It has been the general assumption that for solar energy to work effectively, there needs to be an active storage chamber in place for extra energy to be stored. Unfortunately, studies are now showing that these solar storage chambers are becoming even more detrimental to the environment. Researchers are now finding that sending extra solar ... More

Cree Optimizes LED Technology to Improve Connected Lighting System

Cree is a leading provider in optimized LED technology, and they have now created a new and improved connected lighting system for consumers. The Product Marketing Manager, Paul Scheidt, has shared his insight as to how this system works and why it is effective. Scheidt draws on the fact that a key component as to why an optimized connec... More

French Growers Adopt Signify’s LED Lighting for Year-round Cucumber Production

As more people are starting to try to grow their own food for various reasons, the area to grow it can be hard to come by. French researchers experimented with various lighting techniques and have been able to successfully grow cucumbers using a type of bulb with LED technology made by Philips. Using a top lighting technique, researchers ... More

5 Home Security Vulnerabilities You Didn’t Know You Had

A home security system can help protect your family and your property, if you do things properly. Having a professional install the system is crucial, as they know how to tailor installation to your home’s specific vulnerabilities. Not having a security camera watching your front door is a significant misstep, as is leaving other doors ... More