Should I Upgrade My Electrical Panel? | ABC Blog

Electrical system problems are usually well beyond the ability of your typical home owner to diagnose and repair safely and effectively. One key component of your electrical system is the electrical panel, which links the wiring inside your house to the wires from outside which carry electricity to your home. Electrical panels can have ... More

Can I Plug My Air Conditioner Directly Into A Wall Outlet?

You may be wondering if you can plug your AC unit directly into your wall outlet. You should never plug an AC unit into an extension cord. The same goes for power strips. Your wall outlet itself may be able to run an AC unit depending on the amps required by the ac unit. If you are installing a new AC unit or having a central air unit ... More

When Should You Hire an Electrician?

We currently live in a time where flipping homes and do it yourself projects take up the majority of the spotlight, but despite our best efforts, some projects should really be left to professionals. In their new blog post, Lee Wallender summarizes the top 5 reasons for hiring a professional electrician. If your addition needs permits and ... More

Breakthrough material could lead to cheaper, more widespread solar panels and electronics

Organic semiconductors have the potential to make electronics and solar panels much easier to generate. A big problem, though, is that the freely moving electrons in the semiconductors are hard to generate. A few researchers have done experiments, and have made strides in making it easier to generate free electrons in organic semiconductors. ... More

Your Guide To Step, Deck, Patio & Barbecue Lighting

Installing lights in your backyard can be highly useful. If you use your backyard at night, installing them is practically a necessity. You should put gentle lighting under your steps, so it's always safe to walk on. Your deck has a number of options for its walls and posts, ranging from the simple and conventional to the sleek and modern. ... More

Air Conditioner Inspection Checklist For Homeowners

If you don't check your air conditioner every now and then, repairs will get a lot more costly. Though some of the checks need an expert, there are a few checks you can do on your own. You should check the filters monthly, and make sure that no debris is clogging it up. Make sure there is enough room around the conditioner for proper ... More

Window film could even out the indoor temperature using solar energy

Swedish researchers at the Chalmers University of Technology have developed a window film that can capture the heat energy from the day’s strongest sunlight and release it gradually. This prevents rooms from becoming too hot during the day. The window film doesn’t need any additional energy to work, making it much more environmentally ... More

Backyard Lighting Tips For Any Function

If you spend time outside at night on a regular basis, you may want to think about outdoor lighting. Depending on what types of activities you plan on doing outside and what structure you have to attach lights to, there are many different lighting options available. If you are doing something that needs a lot of light, you may want to ... More

Danish researchers create worldwide solar energy model

In order to create a energy system based on sustainability, it is important to figure out how well solar cells perform. Danish researchers from Aarhus University have created a model that accurately measures solar energy. Their results included 38 years of global radiation, weather, and temperature analytics on the planet. They can use this ... More

The new technology will significantly enhance energy harvest from PV modules

Energy consumption and re-evaluation is a constantly moving and ever-changing field. With a push towards a cleaner environment coming from all angles, exploring different methods of powering technology are highly sought after. In Solar Daily’s new blog post, they focus in on what the TalTech Power Electronics Research Group has been tasked ... More