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Top 5 Electrical Hazards in Your Home – Reddi Electric

There are some electrical hazards that most people tend to not be aware of. We often don't think of outlets or the wiring that goes on behind those outlets to contain potential hazards because we've grown so accustomed to using them. it is best to allow an expert handle things of that nature if a repair ever becomes necessa... More

Buying Guide For A Generator For Your Home

Electricity is often taken for granted, we need it for everything so we just expect it to be there. There are times where power outages happen and a lot of people want to know what generators are out there and what they can be used for. Some other questions people tend to have is how to use one, how much are they, and what ... More

The Benefits of a Home Generator

Investing in a generator for your home has many benefits. You can decide between a generator powered by either propane or natural gas as well as determine the size that is right for your home and your needs. Owning a generator will afford you the luxury of having power during blackouts, power during natural disasters and also ... More

Generators: Why having one at home is important

Generators are a great piece of equipment in every home. They provide backup power in times of crisis, and also give homeowners the peace of mind that their home will be functional at all times. While some people have small generators that may backup their air conditioner, it may behoove owners to move to a larger generator, ... More

How to Know When It Is Time to Upgrade Your Home Electric System

With all the new technologies hitting the market, it makes sense to consider updating your home's electrical systems. Some appliances require a huge amount of power to operate; for example, central air conditioning can require 3,000-5,000 watts to operate. It is a good idea to consider updating your electrical system when ... More

5-Step Residential Boiler Maintenance Checklist

A boiler is a must in almost any home, as it is used year-round to heat water. Due to this constant use, it's imperative that the boiler be regularly checked by the homeowner. First, they should visually check for any leaks in the boiler and take a look at all the piping. Next, homeowners should open the drain valve to ... More

4 Things You Can Do To Start Saving On Electric Bills Now

Electricity prices seem to be soaring as of late, but there is plenty that homeowners can do to slash their electric bills by nearly half. A solid way to reduce power consumption is to install motion-detecting lights, which will turn off when no one is in the room. Using power strips is helpful as well, so homeowners can ... More

Halloween Decorations – LED Halloween Lights & Safety

Halloween decorations are huge part of the spooky holiday, and many of these decorations include lights. It's important that the lights people use are LED, because they have the lowest energy consumption, are the longest lasting, and safest for all parties involved. On top of that, people should use a heavy extension cord, ... More

Workplace Hazards Start Small: 4 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Accidents in work areas are bound to occur despite the precautions one takes to prevent them. Nevertheless, such accidents should still be actively avoided in order to prevent injuries and legal troubles. Seemingly small dangers should be dealt with immediately. Oily floor areas, physically obstructive work materials and ... More