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Interested in remodeling your house but not excited about the prospect of shelling out a ton of money to do so? We spoke with one of Hollywood’s top celebrity remodeling experts for some suggestions on how to redo your home on a budget. Key takeaways include scouring flea markets for the best selections, repurposing pipes as curtain rods, and purchasing in bulk whenever possible. By employing these tips and others, you can have a complete redo for much less than you think!

Key Takeaways:

  • One Hollywood House flipper is waiting to share some secrets about remodeling. These strategies can actually get the work done right as soon as possible.
  • Old items can be refurbished and added to the collection inside a house. These old items actually have soul that everyone will enjoy seeing.
  • The goal is to save money and complete the remodeling effort from a house flipper. Remodeling is taken seriously and people want to see the work that is done.

“Old things, in addition to being better made and more affordable than new, have more to say–they have soul.”

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