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Past years have seen an explosion in the number and type of electric vehicles being produced, and this only stands to accelerate as technologies mature, charging networks come online, and economies of scale in production are realized. One sign of this major shift is the moves that legacy automakers and taking within their portfolios. Most recently, Daimler has announced that, by 2022, they will offer a full complement of 10+ distinct EV models, giving consumers throughout the world a broad range from which to choose.

Key Takeaways:

  • The company is developing a modular family of electric vehicles.
  • A holistic approach to electrification includes a comprehensive charging infrastructure.
  • The company is developing both electrical vehicles and a charging infrastructure.

“The company is taking a holistic approach to electrification under the new EQ technology and product brand. In addition to developing a modular family of vehicles, there will be a comprehensive ecosystem that includes the required charging infrastructure.”

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