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Keeping electrical installations in proper order should top the list of priorities for any homeowner. In fact, homeowners themselves can address some of the minor issues that might arise, such as replacing damaged cords or tightening loose outlets. However, there are also specific electrical tasks where a DIY fix can do more harm than good.

Keep reading to learn about four signs of electrical troubles that always call for a professional electrician.

1. A Sudden Rise in Electrical Costs
Have your electrical costs skyrocketed all of a sudden? If so, this can only mean one thing – something has gone terribly wrong within your electrical system. The solution? Bring in professional electricians to inspect the system, identify the component(s) causing the issue, and, of course, resolve the problem.

2. Acrid Smells from the Outlets or Switches
Acrid smells are never a good thing. But when these are coming from your outlets and switches, it can be especially alarming. However, it’s not OK to go poking around the outlets and switches on your own and potentially put yourself at risk. Instead, turn off your power immediately and call a licensed electrician to the rescue.

3. Constantly Failing Breakers
A breaker failing here and there is nothing to worry about; this happens to everyone. However, the same can’t be said for breakers that are constantly failing. These are usually a sign of more comprehensive electrical trouble that’s too complex for amateurs to tackle.

4. Flickering Lights
Again, a single light flickering shouldn’t alarm you too much. But lights flickering on and off throughout the property should. Now, to be fair, this can be caused by problems with the electrical grid, which are out of your hands. But suppose this issue has to do with your electrical system. In that case, it’s likely caused by power surges that require immediate professional attention.

Key Takeaways:

  • Higher electric bills are being received, so you must make sure that you address the issue.
  • When you can smell an electrical type of odor, it’s time to call the professionals.
  • If you are having to reset your breaker on a consistent basis.

“Getting control of higher electrical bills often means changing some of your basic habits around the home: remembering to turn off lights in rooms that are empty, lowering thermostat settings, etc.”

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