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Electrical Linemen – America’s Unsung Heroes

Electrical work is a hazardous occupation in its own right. America has many buildings that require electrical work in some way. These professionals have years of training and on the job experience to boot. That makes them an important asset for any given business setting. America is a big place and new electrical ... More

Sparking Outlets: Are They Dangerous?

Should you be concerned if you see a blue spark each time you plug in an appliance? It depends. Most sparks are normal and just a sign of the appliance's plug nearly touching your home's outlet connections. The spark is simply the current bridging that gap. However, sparks that are long, big, emit an odor, or appear to be a ... More

Electricity Explained: From Flow to Dough

Electricity must be created from other sources of energy, such as natural gas and coal. The original source is used to power a turbine, which is connected to a generator with an electromagnet. When the electromagnet spins, electricity is produced, and is carried on power lines to consumers. In the United States, most ... More

Dimmer Switches Might Be Causing Your Lights To Flicker

Home owners may notice that lights flicker from time to time. They want to put a stop to flickering lights in the household. There are a few techniques that can be used to prevent lights from flickering. Dimmer switches may be one consideration that home owners can follow in good time. Install these dimmer switches and ... More

Which Heating Systems Work the Best?

It really depends on which type of house that you have, on which heating system that you choose. If you have a ducted house, that is in a cold climate, then a conventional gas furnace would likely be your best bet. On the other hand, if you have a larger budget, and no duct work, then a high efficiency boiler would be your ... More

4 Reasons an Electrical Panel Needs Replacement

Modern life revolves around electricity. The electrical panel in your home controls all the power coming in, and if there are any problems with it, you could find yourself in the dark age until it's corrected. That panel offers you an easy and safe way to shut the power down to the entire home, such as when repairs need to ... More

Trends in Smart Home Technology – Today’s Homeowner

Today's homeowners are living at a time of accelerating technological change, when the opportunities and options that they have in order to increase their control over the functionality of their spaces seems to be increasing each day. Nowhere is this more true than in the domain of smart home technology, where numerous ... More

Five Tips for Creating an Award-Winning Kitchen

Winners of the Sub-Zero and Wolf kitchen design contest share their advice for people looking to do a kitchen remodel. You need to start with a plan that works for you. Choose your lighting carefully and create open space if available. Choose your appliances for form and function. Try to integrate the outdoors when possible ... More

New Tool Helps Car Buyers Compare Electric-Drive and Traditional Vehicles

A new consumer tool called Evolution is here to help making buying your next or first smart vehicle easy. The tool helps compare vehicle costs, savings, electric and fuel costs in your area along with charging station availability to show you electric vehicles that fit your specific needs best. The easy six step process is ... More

PG&E Tests Innovative Clean EV Technologies to Power Homes

There are different power saving scenarios in terms of supplying power to your house. The historical process of supplying power is not relevant or reliable in today's modern age of trying to be green and safe to the environment. While looking at new options to power a modern day home, certain factors have to be taken into ... More