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Light is one of the fundamental elements of any building design, and lighting designers are getting their time in the sun at today’s building and construction expositions. A prime example is Erco, which set up an impressive display at this year’s Light+Building trade show. In their stand, they showcased solutions offering both fantastic performance and a high level of environmental sustainability. This included a specific focus on the use of cutting-edge LED technologies to deliver application-oriented lighting experiences with minimal environmental footprints.

Key Takeaways:

  • ERCO has multiple options for lights from Edison bulbs to more complicated corner units
  • They will have multiple displays available to check out at this conference
  • They hope to add their ability and ingenuity to your next architectural project .

“Light is the fourth dimension of architecture. And every form of architecture is unique. Based on this philosophy, ERCO is designing a completely new and significantly larger fair stand at this year’s Light+Building.”

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