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Finding and Fixing a Low-Frequency Electrical Hum

Finding and Fixing a Low-Frequency Electrical Hum That buzzing in your ears could be coming from inside your home and not your body. If you suspect that there is a low-level hum of electricity, creating a buzzing in your residence, your mission becomes twofold. First you must track down the source. You may need earphones, or ... More

What Does It Mean When Light Bulbs Keep Blowing?

As the prices of LED light bulbs become more affordable, more homeowners are buying them. LEDs are energy efficient and more durable than filament bulbs. However, if you are experiencing frequent and premature blowouts with your older bulbs and you aren’t ready to upgrade to LEDs, you should investigate the possible cause. ... More

Advantages of Generac Synergy Generator – Today’s Homeowner

Advantages of Generac Synergy Generator - Today's Homeowner When it comes to owning a home, one of the things that all homeowners attempt to do is minimize the amount they have to pay on their bills, with one of the largest culprits and focuses being on that of utility bills. The Generac Synergy Generator provides the home ... More

Summer Storm Preparation Tips

Summer Storm Preparation Tips One of the most difficult times for homeowners and renters alike, is that of storm season, especially for those who live in areas that are especially effected negatively by oncoming natural disasters. However, although these can be detrimental when they arrive, there are numerous things that ... More

What To Do When You Trip a Circuit Breaker

What To Do When You Trip a Circuit Breaker Circuit breakers can be a hassle when they trip unexpectedly, but they are a crucial safety feature inside the home. As such, when the breaker does trip, it’s important to figure out the cause in order to get things back up and running again. Typically, the cause will fall into one ... More

Lock Out / Tag Out (LOTO) Saves Lives

Julie Copeland in her article, "Lock out/Tag out (LOTO) saves lives", argues that implementing LOTO procedures on equipment at the workplace could prevent employee injuries and save lives. She states that machines build up hazardous energy which can be trapped in a machine when it stops or is turned off. This hazardous ... More