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Research has been conducted to see how street lamps are effecting nocturnal animals such as urban bats. The research looked at both UV and non UV emitting lamps. This light pollution can have a negative effect on nocturnal animals. Bats were more active in areas with a lot of UV emitting lamps. This is thought to be because the lamps attract insects and other food sources. Tree cover was also studied and how it effects the bats.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biodiversity researchers for years have been studying how artificial light affects wildlife and this blog looks at how street lights affect bats.
  • The team in Germany have been studying the effects of UV light and light pollution on the habits of bats and how this can be mitigated.
  • The variable of tree coverage was included in the study on bats and it was noted that trees serve as a shade for bats in these areas.

“Nocturnal animals such as bats may suffer from the detrimental effects of artificial light generated by street lamps, a phenomenon now recognized as light pollution.”

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