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As a builder, you can make your new homes more appealing by including a Generac Home Standby Generator in the construction process. Installing a generator in a new home while it’s being built is more efficient than retrofitting one later on. The Generac Home Standby can be installed without disrupting the construction process, and the costs can be rolled into the mortgage. Homeowners will gain peace of mind from not worrying about power outages. Note that the American Red Cross recommends permanently installed generators over portable ones for safety reasons. There’s less danger of carbon-monoxide poisoning and fuel storage issues. In addition, it’s cheaper to operate the Generac than a gasoline-powered portable.

Key Takeaways:

    • When one installs a generator while building a home has been adjudged to be a smart thing to do because it results in significant savings.
    • A generator ensures that one’s housing project and production costs stays on schedule, and the rolling expenses do not go out of budget.
    • The weather can be a factor but many do not think about it when making their plans rather they chose to concentrate on the positives.

“Rolling the cost of a generator into their mortgage gives a homeowner the peace of mind of knowing they won’t be sitting in the candlelight, worrying about their frozen food or how to live life normally or how to pay for this upgrade they wish they had.”

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