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Cree is a leading provider in optimized LED technology, and they have now created a new and improved connected lighting system for consumers. The Product Marketing Manager, Paul Scheidt, has shared his insight as to how this system works and why it is effective. Scheidt draws on the fact that a key component as to why an optimized connected system is important is due to the additional stress that non-optimized systems put on one’s electrical system by going on and off ten times more than standard units.

Key Takeaways:

  • An important trend in the lighting field has been LED lighting with intelligent applications.
  • Often a connected lighting system will dim, or switch on lights, many more times than standard variants, thereby adding stress to the LED board.
  • Cree has upgraded and improved its line to function and last under the anticipated duress of lots of on and off switching and dimming, especially in office settings.

“In order to enhance the connected system, global leading LED provider Cree has developed an advanced LED portfolio to fulfill the requirement of connected lighting.”

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