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As more people are starting to try to grow their own food for various reasons, the area to grow it can be hard to come by. French researchers experimented with various lighting techniques and have been able to successfully grow cucumbers using a type of bulb with LED technology made by Philips. Using a top lighting technique, researchers found that they were more able to control the growing conditions, in particular the heat generated by the bulbs, to optimize growth and production.

Key Takeaways:

  • Two growers that are the first to install Led lighting with high-wire cucumbers are Jardins Reunis and Cheminant which shows that they are leaders in the Oceane grower cooperative.
  • Some of the advantages of LED lighting is that it boosts crop production as well as allow growers to control light and temperature more precisely.
  • According to the co-owner of Jardins Reunis, Vincent Olivon, Signify LED lighting was chosen because the company has a global experience in growing high-wire cucumbers with LED lighting.

“Signify reported that two French vegetable growers have installed its LED horticulture lighting for their greenhouses to grow cucumbers year-round.”

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