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Finding and Fixing a Low-Frequency Electrical Hum

That buzzing in your ears could be coming from inside your home and not your body. If you suspect that there is a low-level hum of electricity, creating a buzzing in your residence, your mission becomes twofold. First you must track down the source. You may need earphones, or a stethoscope. It may be necessary to go old school and create a vintage-style ear trumpet to-do the job. Some common buzz culprits that your efforts could track down include fluorescent lights and other types of circuitry and wiring.

Key Takeaways:

  • To create an old-style ear trumpet, repurpose a funnel, An old horn, or a megaphone.
  • To use your ear trumpet, place the smaller part within your ear, with the wider part facing outwards to amplify the noise.
  • Headphones, or stethoscopes, are other instruments that could be used to suss out where buzzing noises are originating in your home.

“But these hums and buzzes are fairly common, and we know a few tricks that will help you pin them down.”

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