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As the prices of LED light bulbs become more affordable, more homeowners are buying them. LEDs are energy efficient and more durable than filament bulbs. However, if you are experiencing frequent and premature blowouts with your older bulbs and you aren’t ready to upgrade to LEDs, you should investigate the possible cause. One reason could be cheap bulbs, which tend to burn out quicker than higher quality ones. Also, your bulb may not have a tight enough connection to the hardware in your light socket, which is causing an arc that leads to a blowout. A lightbulb simply screwed in too tightly could also be causing the issue. For safety sake, call a licensed electrician to troubleshoot the problem for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • If your lightbulbs keep blowing out, it could mean that you purchased cheap bulbs, which typically do not last as long as higher quality ones.
  • You may have arcing electricity, which will create an excess of heat and cause a blowout.
  • If you are experiencing lightbulb blowouts, for safety reasons, call a licensed electrician to investigate the problem.

“If you’re using older types of bulbs and find that some bulbs or fixtures are leading to sudden and premature blowouts, it’s possible that you can stop the problem by upgrading to LEDs”

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