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Should you be concerned if you see a blue spark each time you plug in an appliance? It depends. Most sparks are normal and just a sign of the appliance’s plug nearly touching your home’s outlet connections. The spark is simply the current bridging that gap. However, sparks that are long, big, emit an odor, or appear to be a color other than blue (namely, yellow or white) should not be ignored; they may indicate a more serious problem. There are a few causes behind these types of sparks, such as old outlets and moisture, that should be inspected and repaired by a licensed electrician.

Key Takeaways:

  • Think about which outlets are safe to use in the house. There are certain outlets that can be overloaded with the wrong appliances.
  • Every time something is plugged in to place it will discharge electricity. The wrong outlet will actually spark and possibly catch fire as well.
  • Most outlets are completely safe and normal these days on the whole. Think through what needs to be done to manage sparking outlets over time.

“Whether you see it or not, this happens every time you plug something in, and it’s completely safe and normal.”

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