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Terminal block is the safe way of connecting wires in an insulated frame. Its main parts are the conducting strip and a clamp. The block typically has provisions for an easy mounting on a printed circuit board or a DIN rail. The design is typically modular which allows stacks and customization. Terminal blocks can be single level pass-through, dual or three level blocks, based on the structure type. They can be also classified as ground or fused connection terminals, based on the device type. Clamping mechanism can also vary and it can be a screw-type, spring loaded type or a push-in terminal.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are two parts to a terminal block, a clamping component and a conducting strip.
  • Terminal blocks can have up to three levels and one of several types of devices.
  • While screw clamp terminals are the most common connection, spring clamps are often used for smaller wires.

“Electrical terminal blocks can be classified on the basis of structure, device type, termination options etc.”

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