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Even though people use the term “up to code” often, they may not understand the meaning behind it. The meaning of up to code, is that an electrical system has met a set of guidelines that make it safe. When the term electrical code is used, it refers to a national code known as the NEC. It isn’t a set of laws, per se, but it’s a set of standards that can be used regionally. This set of standards can be updated over time.

Key Takeaways:

  • The National Electrical Code is a set of U.S. professional standards for electrical wiring that many regions adopt.
  • For safety reasons, all electrical work and wiring should be done by licensed electricians.
  • It’s common for older homes to have problems with poor aluminum wiring and connections.

“That’s plenty of questions, but we’ll address these concerns briefly below. As with any serious electrical system question, it’s best to ask an electrician”

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