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Proper planning can keep your family safe from the dangers of severe weather events. It helps to stay informed by listening for weather updates and wind advisories, and taking warnings seriously. During severe weather, take shelter away from any windows and glass doors. Manufactured homes should be evacuated. In case of high winds, board up windows and glass doors. Move vehicles into your garage if you have one. If necessary, buy a generator. It further helps to organize important papers and store them off-site. Creating a home inventory list will help with insurance claims, and preparing emergency kits and funds will make things easier.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you live in a manufactured home, don’t remain inside it during a severe wind storm.
  • Place potentially wind-borne objects such as garbage cans, patio furniture, and grills inside your garage.
  • Store important papers – mortgage papers, birth certificates, passports, etc. – in safe, dry places, preferably off-site.

“Move to the middle of your home or basement, away from windows and glass doors.”

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