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These Electrical Safety Tips Could Save Your Life

Electricity is a boon and even necessity to our society, but it has its hazards. Whenever using anything involving electricity, common sense and awareness is paramount, especially when there is water or metal involved, both of which are very conductive. Consider when using extension cords or near pools of water: what will happen if the current is interrupted? Is there anything that would convey that interrupted flow of current into the body? If so, make plans so that the flow is not broken or interrupted.

Key Takeaways:

  • When using electric garden tools, you should make sure to use them on the manual setting for safety.
  • Always make sure to power down and completely disconnect circuit breakers before doing any maintenance work.
  • Kitchen appliances should be kept away from the sink to limit exposure to water and minimize risk of danger.

“Most of us take electricity for granted, fully expecting that the outlets, wiring, extension cords, and power strips in our homes will operate safely and reliably.”

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