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One should get ready for a storm or other intense natural disaster as soon as possible. Your yard and outdoor areas should be properly cleaned and maintained, and heavy objects should be secured. Gutters and drainpipes should be regularly cleaned out and trees should be regularly trimmed to prevent falling branches. Roof damage should be addressed immediately, as should one’s insurance policy. Making a bugout kit with essential items is important, but so is being able to make an emergency plan that everyone in the house should follow through with. Lastly, one should listen to the radio or TV to monitor government and weather warnings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trim down your trees and branches in case they fall over during the storm as they can do severe damage to your home.
  • Fix any issues that your roof may have such as broken or missing tiles as this could cause leaking issues for your home.
  • Make a home emergency plan so that your entire family can be prepared and relaxed in case an emergency actually happens.

“It is important to keep your gutters and down pipes clear as blockages can cause the water to overflow under the eaves into the roof cavity.”

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