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There are many situations in which power strips are useful and appropriate. However, power strips do not provide surge protection. A power strip has its own circuit breaker which can trip, protecting equipment that is plugged into it. But if lightning or something else causes an electrical surge, a power strip will not suffice. A whole-house surge protector is capable of stopping large voltage spikes. Installed into a home’s electrical panel, it operates a bit like a lightning rod. However, a certified electrician is needed to install a whole-house surge protector. It is not a DIY project.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is a good idea to have different things in place in your home to prevent trouble from electrical surges.
  • The purpose of a power strip is to give you a way to plug multiple things into one outet, without any worries that you’re going to flip a breaker.
  • When most people talk about preventing power surges, they are thinking in terms of getting hit with lightning.

“Before we discuss further how important a surge protector is for a residential electrical system, we want to emphasize that there is nothing wrong with using power strips at the various outlets in your home. In fact, we encourage it.”

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