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How To Use Lighting To Make A Space Truly Beautiful: 4 Examples That Show How The Pros Do It

As homeowners, many of us are savvy about furnishings and window treatments. We understand how these concepts can transform a space from bland to bam. But, we may fail to give lighting the same value. And lighting definitely does more than, well, light. It adds shading, and highlighting, and atmospheric effects to a living space. Think about the soft and soothing effect of recessed lighting in a reading or family-centered area. Add a neutral palette to the intelligent and intentional use of natural lighting and you have actually harnessed sunlight to paint pictures in your rooms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use recessed lighting to give a family space, or a reading room a really gentle and soothing vibe.
  • Use a pale neutral palette and harness natural sunlight to create shading and add texture to a room.
  • Just as impactfully as it does in a theater, or in the cinema, a well-placed light can highlight a room, or a particular feature in it.

“Lighting does more than let you read after dark or make sure you can see the beautiful meal you prepared, the right lighting design can truly transform a space.”

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