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During the summer, electrical bills begin to increase due to air conditioning systems turning on and working hard to keep the heat away. There are several tips that can help you control high electrical bills. For instance, leave the air conditioner on when you go on vacation. Also, save hot jobs, such as using laundry machines and ovens, for the evening time. Furthermore, make sure to use ceiling fans since they can help people feel cooler in a room by about 8 degrees Fahrenheit. If possible, get a generator because it is the best defense to avoid an extensive power outage.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keep the AC off unless it’s more than 80°F outside, but don’t turn it off completely if you go on vacation.
  • Don’t use large appliances like the oven or laundry machine until the evening.
  • Eat dinner by candlelight, as it produces less heat than electric lighting.

“Summer can be a great time, but it’s also a period when electrical bills start to rise as air conditioning systems turn on and begin grinding away to keep away the heat.”

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