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Energy consumption goes through the roof during winter, but summer consumption isn’t too far behind. You rely increasingly on your air conditioner to cool down the place, but there are ways to lower your electricity bills. For example, keeping the device running on a lower setting when you’re on vacation reduces the need for intense operation when you return.

Many other tweaks can help put more money in your pocket. Turning on your oven and washer at night can lead to dramatic savings. Likewise, installing a ceiling fan can make your home feel cooler by about 7- or 8-degrees Fahrenheit.

As you can see, there are numerous methods to conserve energy. Let’s delve deeper into those methods.

Keep the AC On When Vacationing

Running your AC for 7-10 days when you’re on vacation may sound counterproductive, but it works. Just remember to set the thermostat slightly warmer than usual (around 85 degrees). This way, you’ll be welcomed by a cool home and won’t need to use an extreme setting since heat won’t build up inside.

Change AC Filters

Clogged AC filters keep the device running at its peak efficiency. Change them to help the machine get back on track and reduce electricity use.

Install a Ceiling Fan in Your Living Room

You spend most of your in the living room. Therefore, it makes sense you want the area always to be cool. You can do so with a ceiling fan, reducing overreliance on your AC.

Turn On Appliances at Night and Grill Outdoors

Energy demand is lowest at night. In turn, this lowers the price of electricity at this time. Use this to your advantage by turning on your washer and other appliances at night whenever possible.

Also, grill outdoors to lower the need for an AC to keep the place cool and your kitchen ventilator to run. Dining by candlelight also helps bring your energy bills down.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keep the AC off unless it’s more than 80°F outside, but don’t turn it off completely if you go on vacation.
  • Don’t use large appliances like the oven or laundry machine until the evening.
  • Eat dinner by candlelight, as it produces less heat than electric lighting.

“Summer can be a great time, but it’s also a period when electrical bills start to rise as air conditioning systems turn on and begin grinding away to keep away the heat.”

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