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Air conditioning units can be placed on the roof, as there are good reasons for doing so. Some of these include avoiding detritus and dust, less of a need for upkeep, a quieter system, and space saving. However, the same is not recommended for a heating system to be placed on the roof. Heating systems are more prone to incurring damage from extreme temperatures. Heaters are not always built to be as rugged as air conditioners, which means that weather can be a real problem for both the heater and the person repairing the heater. Ultimately, situating a furnace on the roof may be possible but it is perhaps ill-advised to do so.

Key Takeaways:

  • While it is sometimes possible to install an AC system on your roof, the same cannot be said for your heating unit.
  • In general, furnaces are not designed to withstand the outdoor elements.
  • Placing a furnace on your rooftop would be dangerous for a technician trying to gain access for repairs.

“A rooftop air conditioning system makes a lot of sense for a number of people. While it’s quite common to find commercial air conditioners on the roof of a building, there are lots of residential systems that are designed similarly.”

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