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About a third of the households in the US use air conditioning systems that rely on HCFC-22 and R-22 coolants — also known as Freon. These households will all be dramatically impacted by the EPA’s decision to ban Freon coolant from the US market due to its harmful impact on the ozone layer. Your HVAC professional can tell you if your system uses Freon. If it does, you should definitely consider replacing your Freon system with a more modern, environmentally friendly alternative.

Key Takeaways:

  • Freon is used in about a third of all US households, so the 2010 EPA Freon ban will have substantial impact.
  • Having your HVAC system thoroughly examined by a professional can help you spot and prevent leaks and other maintenance problems.
  • If you have a Freon-based AC system, you should strongly considering replacing it with a more modern alternative.

“Starting in 2020, the manufacture of R-22 and HCFC-22 coolants — both of which are also commonly known as Freon — will be entirely banned throughout the United States, and only available on the secondary market.”

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