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During the holiday season, it’s normal to have to budget in a few extras, like seasonal gifts and possibly items for a holiday vacation. While many families do plan for these two large possibilities of the season, not so many consider another important potential cost, especially if the plan is to take the entire family cross-country to spend the holidays with grandma. The cost that is often not considered is the cost of possible burglary and vandalism to their property while they are away. No one wants to return from a lovely vacation to find that their valuables have been absconded with or that their property has been defaced in their absence. To ensure that that doesn’t happen, homeowners need to make it possible for their home to react, stand guard in their stead, just as if it were a person. House sitters and good neighbors can help, but there are more viable and less spotty solutions. With today’s smart technology it’s entirely possible to keep tabs on your home even when your not in it, even when your far from it. Also, performing the regular going away tasks of stopping the mail, closing the blinds and setting up timers is always useful and justifiable. Don’t alert the world on social media that your leaving town. And as beautiful as your tree is, especially with its array of festive gifts underneath, don’t make it a picture window centerpiece for all to see. It only draws attention to the fact that you and yours are not in residence.

Key Takeaways:

  • The first step to make sure that your home will not be broken into while you are away is to have a security system professionally installed.
  • With a smart phone and a smart home system, one can check on his home while he is away.
  • You can keep burglars off your home by leaving signs behind that someone is around like having your neighbor check on your mail while you are away.

“Obviously, most homeowners want to prevent burglars from even attempting to enter their home in the first place. But in the event that this does happen, it’s going to help you tremendously to have a quality home security system in place.”

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