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During the cold winter months, heating takes up a substantial portion of utility bills, often more than 40%. Thankfully, there are ways to cut those costs down. Good insulation or sealing is necessary, especially around places heat can escape such as doors, windows, outer walls, roofs and fireplaces. In addition, bundling up indoors, taking advantage of the sun by opening up the blinds during the day, and even running your fan to distribute air better throughout a room can cut down on heating costs. Small investments like updating thermostats or swapping out filters can also pay off.

Key Takeaways:

  • A higher heating bill in the winter can be due to improper insulation, outdated or faulty equipment, or overuse.
  • One should check their building envelope including doors and windows for leaks or areas of low insulation to maintain heat in home.
  • It helps to use passive means to save money like southern exposures, wearing more clothes, closing off rooms, and home cooking to cut down on energy use.

“Your home’s condition, the state of your HVAC system or furnace and your own habits can all affect your heating bill.”

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