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Safety inspection performed by a qualified electrician can bring you a much needed peace of mind whether you are selling, buying or just renovating a house, and even a periodical inspection for safety reasons is should not be out of question. Electrical hazards can lead to fire and damage to your property. Most common issues with electrical safety include old wiring and wiring done in violation of local codes. Additionally, electrical circuits are often sized for current loads without taking into account future demand for electricity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Illegally spliced or overcrowded wires would prevent you from passing a safety inspection.
  • In the kitchen, every motorized appliance must have its own circuit.
  • Ceiling fixtures must be controlled by wall switches rather than pull chains.

“You want to know that your appliances and outlets are functioning reliably so they work when you need them and don’t put your home at risk for an electrical fire.”

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