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Accidents in work areas are bound to occur despite the precautions one takes to prevent them. Nevertheless, such accidents should still be actively avoided in order to prevent injuries and legal troubles. Seemingly small dangers should be dealt with immediately. Oily floor areas, physically obstructive work materials and tools, ladders foolishly placed in doorways, and minor injuries such as scratches are all examples of hazards in workplaces that, although seemingly trivial, should be expediently rectified.

Key Takeaways:

  • Workplace accidents can happen no matter how careful you are so it is everyone’s responsibility to try and avoid common mistakes.
  • What looks like a small puddle or box in the work area could still cause an accident and should be removed.
  • Even minor injuries should be treated immediately to prevent them from becoming worse.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to help create a culture of safety around the workplace. That means noticing and remedying the little hazards before they grow into big headaches.”

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