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A backup generator can seem like an additional expense that may not at first appear essential. However, such a home addition can mean the difference between feeling safe and secure in an emergency and otherwise being at the mercy of the elements. This is especially true during the winter months. With backup generator your home’s heating and power needs are ensured, even during outages. Though such a system has an initial outlay that can seem costly, it’s important to realize that electricity waste is most common when devices and systems stop and start. A backup system ensures that these are at a minimum and waste is lessened. A backup system protects a home against sudden power surges too. This is especially germane in regions where flooding and strong storm systems, including hurricanes are not uncommon. Should a serious event occur, looters will be far less attracted to your home if it remains clearly under electrical power. Finally, as an added benefit having a system can lower insurance premiums and add resale value to your property.

Key Takeaways:

  • A backup generator provides convenience, keeping your electricity on while others wait for the power company.
  • Power outages can harm electronic devices, but a backup generator can keep them safe.
  • A backup generator increases a home’s value and can lower insurance premiums.

“Even more recently, we even saw a tornado wreak havoc, which brought mass power outages to the area.”

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