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To those in the hospitality industry, especially in the southern states, any power outage represents lost revenue. States like the Carolina’s, Georgia, and Florida are dependent on tourism and hospitality for their economies but are also susceptible to inclement weather and power interruptions. To combat these interruptions and keep operations moving smoothly property managers and even residents should invest in a generator. Generators can be tailored to any power capacity profile from simple basic service to whole house generators. Generators prevent interruptions in services which is essential for hospitality and also avert long term damage to property and equipment. Generators keep the lights on and pumps working to maintain and protect property.

Key Takeaways:

  • Generators minimize business downtime where every hour of an outage can eat at profit margins.
  • Generator installations can be custom tailored to an electricity demand from essential emergency services to full capacity.
  • Generators not only provide comfort during outages they also protect property and equipment that can be damaged by prolonged power disruptions and inclement weather.

“A main source of revenue for private clubs is hosting events/weddings and dealing with a power outage could severely damage their reputation.”

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