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Why Are the Lights Flickering?

Flickering lights in your home mean that there is a poor connection somewhere. It may be in a single light bulb, or it may be a larger problem in the wiring. Before you get anxious, do some troubleshooting. First, make sure it’s not a bad bulb or a loose connection in the socket. If it keeps on flickering, it may be time to check on the deeper wiring in the house; search for any loose or faulty voltage levels in the house.

Key Takeaways:

  • If your light is flickering and if it is only one bulb, then just unscrew and screw it on again. That may fix it.
  • If you switch on a bulb and it starts flickering, it may be possible that the bulb is faulty. Try replacing it.
  • Sometimes it might be due to the light switch. Telltale signs are when the flickering occurs when you touch the switch.

“It’s visible, annoying and potentially alarming if you’re not sure what’s causing it. And it shouldn’t be ignored — while the most likely explanations are harmless and easy to fix, a flickering light could also be an early warning sign of dangerous wiring problems.”

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