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For only fifty cents more than regular outlet protectors, consumers can purchase receptacles with tamper-resistant technology to help prevent their children from placing foreign objects into bare outlets. There is a shutter built into the receptacle that serves as a permanent barrier so that foreign objects cannot penetrate the outlet openings. Most outlet covers only offer a temporary solution that children can still get into, but tamper-resistant receptacles act as a more permanent child-proof solution.

Key Takeaways:

  • Receptacles that are tamper-resistant provides the ease of mind associated with a permanent solution as opposed to a temporary one.
  • These receptacles with tamper-resistant technology are typically only fifty cents more than the average receptacle.
  • Built-in shutters act as a barrier so that foreign objects cannot be inserted into the actual outlet.

“It’s time to learn how to properly childproof your home and make it a much safer environment for the whole family.”

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