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Some people are surprised to find out they need a new electrical panel, so here are some signs that your electrical panel is in need of replacement. If your breakers are being constantly tripped, if you’re seeing a lot of flickering lights, if you notice scorch marks on your outlets, smell an accurate burning scent, or just notice that your panel can’t seem to handle new appliances, it may be time to replace your electrical panel. Contact a qualified electrician to give you more advice.

Key Takeaways:

  • All panels age. Some need to be replaced because they are hazardous.
  • There are giveaways that a panel is getting old and easily overloaded. One such is flickering lights.
  • If you find scorch marks on the panel, it is time to immediately turn off the power.

“No panel can last forever, and in general, an electrical panel needs to be upgraded to a new one after 25 to 40 years.”

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