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With a power outage that only lasts a couple of hours, you need not worry about getting a generator or busting out the one you already have. You will want to worry about getting the generator out if you are having a power outage for days on end like after a weather event of some sort, like a hurricane that has knocked the power out. Make sure the wattage on the generator is enough to power your whole house, start by calculating what every thing in your home uses.

Key Takeaways:

  • A generator is a great way for a homeowner to prepare for unexpected emergencies.
  • When the electricity in a home is not working, food can spoil, mold can become a health hazard, and flooding can occur.
  • A homeowner must know how much wattage the appliances in a home need for them to select the proper generator.

“Plummeting temperatures and a home without heat can be a deadly combination, especially to the oldest and youngest residents in the home.”

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