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The weather can put residents at risk of extended power losses. Portable generators have their place, but permanent standby generators are a better choice. A standby or whole-house generator provides a lot more power. It is also more convenient than a portable generator, with some models operating automatically. Instead of running on liquid propane, gasoline or diesel, whole-house generators can run on cleaner, less expensive natural gas. Finally, standby generators are safer as they don’t produce combustion fumes. Licensed electricians can install whole-house generators for your home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Whole house generator will allow you to power your own house
  • Portable generators give off carbon dioxide and whole house generators do not.
  • Whole house generators are going to be more expensive than portable generators.

“Portable generators have their uses—such as on camping trips, or to keep in the car in case of emergencies.”

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