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Many people across the nation live in areas where power interruptions are not that uncommon. With an aging grid and climate change, these occurrences are likely to be more frequent and affect larger population. In those situations, having generator providing electrical energy is desirable. Sizing the equipment is critical. You can either decide to have a generator that will serve as an emergency unit, or select equipment that will completely meet the energy demand of the whole household. The bigger the unit, the more important its efficiency becomes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Whole-house generators have powerful automotive-style engines that are usually liquid cooled rather than air cooled.
  • Home standby generators use natural gas or liquid propane, but whole-house generators can run on diesel.
  • There are several different sizes available for whole-house generators to meet your wattage needs.

“From severe weather and natural disasters to an overloaded electrical grid, there are many ways the power can go out.”

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