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Portable generators are useful when poor weather conditions threaten to knock out the power. During a storm, a generator should be placed in a safe spot at least 20 feet from the house. A tent or canopy to protect it is a good investment. Portable generators should, of course, not be run indoors. When a storm is approaching, the generator should be tested and prepared. It may need an oil change. Consider installing a transfer switch which connects the generator to the circuit panel. Don’t connect the generator directly to home wiring because it could get damaged or start a fire when the power resumes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having a personal generator and keeping it safe and working is crucial if you live in an area with dangerous weather
  • Before a storm hits, make sure your generator is working, properly plugged in, and has fuel
  • While you shouldn’t use your generator inside the house, you can purchase a tent to keep it dry

“When you know that a storm is approaching, it is crucial to check your generator and prepare it for the worst.”

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