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You shouldn’t be too worried about your house getting struct by lightning but you can take some precautions. The worst case scenario is that lightning causes a fire. We want to make sure we stay away from taking baths or sitting next to a television. Ideally we can use a laptop or some other mobile device. If your house is struck by lightning you might want to call the fire department. Sometimes people get fires in an attic where they don’t notice immediately the damage that is about to occur.

Key Takeaways:

  • If your house is struck, call the fire department immediately, and call your insurance company as well.
  • Have the wiring system, foundation, roof and chimney inspected for damage.
  • Home lightning protection systems are expensive, but may be worth it if strikes are frequent.

“Lightning often strikes the same place multiple times. If your house is hit once it is likely to be hit again.”

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