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One unspoken rule of life is that nothing is made to last any longer. No company, anywhere, ever, takes pride in making a quality product, which leaves the consumer to worry about when they should be replacing working items before they fail entirely. Therefore, lets recap when your air conditioning system should be replaced according to the age of the system, any additional work done to the structure of the house and when your current system requires more effort to maintain than not.

Key Takeaways:

    • When deciding if your AC needs to be replaced, keep in mind such units were only intended to be functional for at most a decade and a half.
    • Your current system may no longer be cutting the mustard because you have added on rooms or other living space since the initial installation.
    • One significant clue that your system is not functioning optimally anymore is if your bills are progressively getting higher.

“Chances are, if your system is approaching 10 years old, it will be more cost-effective to have the system replaced entirely, than to keep making repairs each year to keep it working.”

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