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A Handyman is a jack of all trades and generally does minor home repairs, they may or may not be licensed. A Professional Electrician has had extensive training and education and is licensed in your state. They know the codes and carry insurance that protects their customers from any financial liabilities. Often times if you are having any electrical work done, if you do not use a licensed professional your homeowners insurance will not cover the work, in the event something goes wrong. Safety concerns are a factor, small mistakes can add up to larger consequences. Never take a risk with a nonprofessional when it comes to your electrical work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Local Handyman are jacks of all trades and can handle the little jobs cheaply but an electrician is needed for electrical jobs in the home.
  • A professional Electrician has been trained properly and carries a license in your state to operate.
  • A licensed professional knows all of the proper codes, and is fully insured. That protects their customers from any sort of mishaps and financial risks.

“It’s not just an issue of getting the job done correctly and on time, it’s a matter of safety in your home and staying up to electrical codes.”

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