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Running power outside can take many forms. For short term needed supplies an extension cord can do the job well. Make sure the cord is for outdoor use because it is designed to be protected from the elements. Plug Cords into a GFCI outlet. For long term power solutions installing a GFCI Outlet Outside may be the solution. Make sure to use an outdoor rated model. Also make sure there is a spring loaded cover for when it is not in use to protect from bugs, dirt, and moisture.

Key Takeaways:

  • First you’ll need to find the chord that will be needed for your precise application. Not all chords can be used universally.
  • Chords that won’t be running straight off the house will need to be attached to something called a GFCI while also being at least 18 inches deep.
  • An easier way to build an outdoor outlet is by finding an indoor outlet that you can connect to through a hole you’ll drill.

“a continuous run (no leaks), a solution that is not DIY-friendly for most and requires an electrician.”

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